A sassy four-year-old has pledged not to find a boyfriend before Tuesday – after her mom told her not to get one until she is grown up.

The hilarious clip was shot by mom Ethel Flores at home while talking with her confident kid Ava.

The pair were having a girly chat as pre-school Ava told her mom about her “boyfriends”.

Tongue in cheek, mom Ethel told her daughter to stay off boyfriends until she was grown up and prompted her to repeat the mantra.

But sassy Ava instead blurted out that she would stay away from boys only until next Tuesday.

The cute slip of the tongue left the whole family in stitches.

Ethel, from California, USA, explained: “When Ava started preschool, she would come home and tell her big sister she had a boyfriend.

“At times she said she have five boyfriends! So, I would tell my girls ‘no boyfriends until you are grown up.’

“I was expecting her to say ‘no boyfriend until I am grown up’, but instead she said until Tuesday.

“We laughed so hard when she said it.”