Blind Autistic Boy Stuns Talent Show With Incredible Self-taught Ukulele Rendition Of Beatles’ Here...

A blind autistic boy brought down the house at his school talent show by crushing a self-taught cover of a famous Beatles track on his ukulele.

Boyfriend Surprises Scuba Diver Girlfriend With Surprise Underwater Proposal On His “first” Dive

A boyfriend left his scuba diver girlfriend shellshocked during what she believed was his first dive – pulling out a ring and proposing underwater.

Grandmother Can’t Hide Emotion When Presented With Surprise Figurine Of Late Husband

This is the sweet moment a grandmother was surprised to receive a cartoon figurine of her late husband who had passed away earlier this year.

Mom-to-be Is Shocked When Her Gender Reveal Surprise Turns Out To Be. Engagement Proposal...

A mom-to-be who thought she was taking part in a gender reveal was stunned when it turned out to be a proposal staged by her husband.

Alzheimer’s Sufferer Dances Whenever He And His Wife’s Favorite Songs From Their Past Play

A determined Alzheimer’s sufferer fights the disease with the sound of music - dancing to he and his wife’s favorite songs despite his deteriorating memory.
New Truck surprisevideo

Dad Breaks Down In Tears After Son Saves Up To Surprise Him With A...

A stunned father was brought to tears when his son revealed he had been saving up to purchase him a new truck, allowing his dad to drive to work once more.
Sears delivery surprisevideo

Delivery For Wife Turns Out To Be Something Entirely Unexpected – Her Military Husband

A woman expecting a grill delivery thought she’d received the wrong item - only for her Army husband to burst from the box after returning home early from deployment.

Horse Loving Couple Use Sliding Performance For One-of-a-kind Viral Gender Reveal

A couple drafted in the help of a four-legged friend when it came to their one-of-a-kind gender reveal - using a sliding performance horse to let the world know the sex of their baby.

Hugh Jackman Pauses Show To Help Man In Audience Propose

The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman, gave one lucky lady her greatest surprise - by stopping his concert to help a man with a surprise proposal.
Dad no beard reactionvideo

Adorable Baby Bursts Into Tears At Seeing Dad Without Beard For First Time

An adorable baby could not believe his eyes and burst into tears at seeing his dad without a beard for the very first time.
Hugs for senior citizensvideo

Adorable “Police Officer” Hands Out Flowers, Hugs And Tickets For Being “Too Cute” At...

An adorable seven-year-old “police officer” gives out roses, hugs and tickets for being “too cute”.

Stepdad Surprised With Adoption Papers On Father’s Day In Emotional Video

A daughter surprised her stepdad with adoption papers in the most heart-warming way possible to thank him this Father's Day
Breastfeeding mom bowls strikevideo

Multitasking Mom Bowls Strike While Breastfeeding Baby

This is mom level: expert! A multitasking mom bowled a superb ten-pin bowling strike while breastfeeding her baby daughter.
Giggles at being told offvideo

Baby Hilariously Bursts Into Giggles When Father Tries To Tell Him Off For First...

This disciplined dad didn’t have much luck trying to tell off his baby son for the very first time - with the youngster hilariously bursting into giggles.
Antarctica wedding

Brr-ide And Groom Have Perfect White Wedding Getting Married In Antarctica Surrounded By Penguins...

A brr-ide and groom had the perfect white wedding - getting married in Antarctica while fulfilling a dream of traveling to all seven continents.
Finish line military reunion

Solider Mom Surprises Track Star Daughter At Finish Line Of Race After Six Months...

A track star ran straight into the arms of her soldier mom after she surprised her at the finish line of her championship relay race.
six sibling fathers day adoption

Moment Six Step Kids Surprise Stepdad On Father’s Day With Adoption Papers

Six siblings surprised their stepdad with adoption papers.

Soldier Daughter Poses As Patient To Surprise Mom At Work Before Leaving For First...

A doting military daughter posed as a patient to surprise her mom at work before leaving for her first deployment overseas.
Overseas Gender Reveal

Deployed Airman Finds Out Gender Of Baby Thanks To Surprise Party At Overseas Base...

Senior Airman Nicholson Pennant was deployed last-minute to the Middle East during his wife's pregnancy, so she threw him a surprise gender reveal party at his overseas base.
Bedroom Makeover

Boy Recovering From Chemotherapy And Not Able To Sleep Alone Brought To Tears By...

This is the heartwarming moment a boy suffering from cancer was brought to tears when he was presented with a surprise new bedroom.