Hilarious Moment Cruise Ship Band Play Titanic Theme…As The Power Cuts

Worried passengers chuckled with nervous laughter as the coincidental events unfolded



A vacationer has captured the hilarious moment a band is cut short while playing the Titanic theme song – right as the ship was plunged into darkness by a power cut mid performance.

Heidi White, who was celebrating her fifth wedding anniversary on board the Carnival Liberty, had begun filming as the band played the romantic love song.

But just a few seconds into the hit number, the lights suddenly go out – leaving the guests nervously laughing at the comical timing.

Heidi, from Homerville, Georgia, said: “The band were doing violin covers of famous songs. They began to play ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and I knew it was a romantic and very pretty song, so started recording it as a keepsake.

“But then just a few seconds into the song there was a ship-wide power outage.

“It was total darkness for about 2 minutes before the emergency lights came on.

“We were unsure of what caused the power outage, but the crew were amazing and right on top of the issue. They kept us updated on the progress and reassured us that the issue was being fixed.

“Within around 10 minutes the lights were back on and everyone was back enjoying our trip.”

Heidi was travelling to Nassau Bahamas on March 10 when the hilarious incident happened.

She added: ‘After the lights came on the band apologized laughing and swiftly moved on to the next song!”