Hilarious Dance Clip Shows What Dad And Baby Get Up To While Wife Is Out

The duo's adorable dance routine has made them a big hit online


This hilarious video gives a glimpse into what a dad will do to pass the time when he is left alone at home with his baby.

Resourceful dad Aaron Thygesen, from Michigan, USA, is home alone with his daughter every other weekend while his wife is at work.

When the weather outside is cold, daddy and daughter spend their weekends together at home forcing Aaron to get inventive with new ways to pass the time.

As C&C Music Factory hit ‘Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)’ comes on, Aaron sets up his phone to record them while his daughter is strapped to his chest.

He moves his daughter’s feet to the music as the dancing duo move to the music – and it doesn’t look like it’s the first time as she waves her arms in the air to the tune.

Aaron said: “It has seemed like the winter in Michigan was never going to end – since it’s been too cold for her to go outside, sometimes I have to get creative to keep her entertained.

“I filmed the video in our kitchen at home. My wife works every other weekend so me and my daughter are often trying to find things to do, to pass the time.

“So, I strapped her in her carrier and we did a little dance – you can’t listen to that song and not dance.”