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Emotional Moment Bike Restoration Is Unveiled
A son ‘stole’ his father’s beloved motorcycle and secretly fixed it up – before surprising his dad in an emotional moment caught on video.
Woman poses as nurse to surprise best friend
A hospitalized woman was surprised by her best friend from out of town after she posed as a nurse.
90-year-old meets 70-year-old daughter for first time
This is the emotional moment a 90-year-old was left stunned after coming face to face with her 70-year-old daughter for the very first time.
A Game of Thrones loving dad collapsed during a dragon egg gender reveal upon discovering he's having another boy. Marvin Holden was hoping for a little girl to join his three sons, but it was a case of the Brother of Dragons when Marvin and his family rubbed the color-changing dragon egg on May...
This is the emotional moment a great-grandmother finally gets to hug her great-granddaughter for the first time - the only member of the family she had never held.
This is the moment a flight attendant helped make a disabled girl’s dream come true – by letting her become one of the crew for the day when she became distressed on a long haul flight.
Teens Plane Promposal
A teenager took to the skies to propose to his prom date – with a giant sign spelled out on the ground below for her to see.
Firefighters paint vet's house
This blind World War II veteran was left in shock after a group of kind-hearted firefighters arrived at his doorstep one morning to paint and repair his home.
A resourceful dad wouldn’t let the weather prevent his daughter from flying her new kite - so used his leaf blower to create the wind.
A stunned dad hilariously falls over in shock while dancing as his Navy daughter surprises him by returning home early after two years.