Polar bear cub leaves mother’s den for first time (Cuteness overload!)


Crowds flocked to Hellabrunn Munich Zoo to catch a glimpse of this tiny girl’s first every steps outside – and it is easy to see why!

The adorable female polar bear ventured out from her mothering den for the very first time last week, having spent three months snuggling with her mom.

Still somewhat unsteady on her feet, she ventured out cautiously one paw after the other.

And with so much to explore and see, she looked overjoyed at her new surroundings.


Zoo director  Rasem Baban said: “In the last three months, Giovanna (the cub’s mom) has shown herself to be an experienced and patient mother. It is a great joy to watch her show her cub the world outside the mothering den.

“The little one will discover more and more each day and become bolder.”

So special is this newborn cub, Munich Zoo hopes she will play an important role as an ambassador for her threatened relatives in the wild.

Zoo director Rasem added: “It means a lot to me that the Hellabrunn polar bear family are ambassadors for their threatened relatives.

“One of our most important tasks is to educate visitors about the variety of life, raise awareness of the threat to biodiversity, and show them how important it is for us to preserve this wonderful planet.”


This tiny unnamed cub could be the world’s cutest champion of the amazing polar bear’s cause.



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