Workers Cut Off By Floods Get Pizza Delivered By Helicopter

Local Pizza joint flies in snack for hungry workers



A group of maintenance men working overtime during the flooding to hit Kentucky had their favorite lunch delivered by helicopter after local roads were unsafe to drive.

Kind-hearted Stuart Snow called up his friend Sean Byrne with an idea to get hot lunches delivered to his stranded colleagues, who were manning a plant during the storm.

Byrne, who owns local fast-food joint Donato’s Pizza in Owensboro, KY, opened up specially to rustle up some pizzas and hot wings.

He then teamed up with another of Stuart’s friends who owns a helicopter to whisk the food to the seventeen in time for lunch on Wednesday.

Stuart Snow, who delivered the pizzas by hand himself, said: “I’ve got a buddy who owns a pizza shop, and a buddy who owns a helicopter, so we teamed them together to get them some hot pizza delivered to the guys.”

Donato’s owner Byrne added: “Stuart gave me a call this morning and he said, ‘Is there any way you can open up a little bit earl? And I said, ‘Yeah, what ya got going’ on Stuart?”

A video showing the moment the pizza arrives by chopper shows the hungry workers greeting Stuart.

One worker can be heard shouting: “A lot of you all had pizza delivered before, but not a lot of you all have had pizza delivered by a helicopter!”

A state of emergency is in effect for many towns along the Ohio River that are experiencing moderate to severe flooding.  Owensboro is dealing with some of the worst flooding it’s seen since 1997.

Sustained rainfall has led to major flooding in the western Kentucky town, even forcing schools to close Tuesday in Daviess County.  According to the National Weather Service, Owensboro has received around seven inches of rain since last Thursday.