Woman Who Feared She’d Never Have Kids Surprises Unsuspecting Grandma With Pregnancy Reveal

Grandma can't hide her surprise when she sees the message written on a t-shirt



A woman afraid she would never give birth after endometriosis left the grandmother-to-be exploding with excitement after revealing her pregnancy.

Nikki Gangi, 24, and Brandon Nash, 29, had been wanting to conceive, but Nikki was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful condition of the uterus.

The condition, which leaves around 40% of women who suffer with it infertile, meant Nikki, from Raymond, New Hampshire, needed to undergo surgery.

After successful treatment, Nikki and sister-in-law-to-be, Candace Snowdale, 41, devised a plan to surprise Brandon’s parents when they returned home from a trip to Florida.

John and Pat Nash were left gob smacked after Nikki opened the door, and soon realized she was wearing a shirt which read ‘Baby Nash Due Fall 2018’.

Candace said: “Nikki and I were talking about how to surprise my parents with the announcement and decided it would be fun to make a t-shirt to announce the news.

“This is their first child and what makes it so special is they didn’t think they would be able to have any – which is why my mom’s reaction was to ask ‘how did this happen?’.

“Nikki has a desire to be a mom and she is currently training to be a teacher’s assistant – they will both make amazing parents.

“We are all beyond excited to be welcoming this baby to our family. Every time we watch this video we get tears in our eyes all over again.”