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Sassy Girl Pledges To Stay Away From Boyfriend’s, But Her Mom Wasn’t Expecting What...

A sassy four-year-old has pledged not to find a boyfriend before Tuesday - after her mom told her not to get one until she is grown up. The hilarious clip was shot...

Hilarious Moment Cruise Ship Band Play Titanic Theme…As The Power Cuts

   A vacationer has captured the hilarious moment a band is cut short while playing the Titanic theme song - right as the ship was plunged into darkness by a power cut...

Backyard Turns Into Natural Bouncy Castle In Bizarre Video

  An astonished homeowner discovered their backyard had become a natural bouncy castle after a downpour. Alison Parrish, from Georgia, USA, can be seen jumping up and down as the ground moves under...

Clever Pup Opens 4 Doors So He Can Reunite With His Family

The incredible determination of a dog that escaped from a Virginia animal hospital was caught on camera.

Hapless Dog Fails Miserably At Crufts – But Couldn’t Be Happier!

Hapless dog fails miserably at Crufts - but couldn't be happier!

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