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Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain After Being Hit By Car

This is the moment an adorable kitten trapped in a storm drain was rescued by a kind-hearted savior. Ed Smith, an Animal Control Officer at the Humane Society of Carroll County in...

Passerby Rescues Man And Dog From River

A kind-hearted passerby helped rescue a dog and his owner from a river. Onlookers watched initially as the spaniel swam up the Brayford Pool in Lincoln, United Kingdom. His owner was trying...

Service Dog Has Priceless Reaction To Meeting Disney’s Pluto

Service dog has priceless reaction to meeting Disney's Pluto

Crazy Duck Doesn’t Like Hooman Swimming In His Lake

A family fall about in hysterics as a boy is chased around a lake by a very territorial duck pecking at his feet. Monica Tindall filmed her son Grant Taylor, 14, as...

Injured Dog Gets Perfectly Placed Peanut Butter Treadmill Inspiration

  It can be hard to motivate your dog at the best of times. But one ingenious owner used peanut butter cleverly placed at the end of a treadmill to encourage her pooch...

Incredible Dog Helps With Baby Duties – And He’s Probably Better Than Your Husband

Being a mom is hard work, but for Chrissy Joy Tunnell it just got a little bit easier - thanks to her trusty dog Good Beasley who chips in with the...

Boy And Dog See Each Other After Year Apart, And Their Reactions Will Bring...

There's nothing more special than the love between man and his best friend. Lennox Goebel, 11, had been missing his furbuddy Bogart, who lives next door to him and his mom Ellen...

Buddy By Name…Not By Nature! Jealous Dog Won’t Let Other Dog Get Petted

 This jealous dog won’t let anyone else get any attention - even using its paw to pull his owner’s hand away from their other dogs and back to petting him. Adorable Jug...

Dramatic Moment Horse Rescued From Ditch By Helicopter

  A horse has been dramatically rescued from a construction trench by helicopter - after becoming trapped. The large white horse named Misty had wandered off a nearby property and fallen into the...

Peacock Gets 3D Printed Foot After Losing His To Frostbite

  A peacock who lost a foot due to severe frostbite and was close to being put down has made a miraculous recover - thanks to a 3D printed prosthetic leg. Wyoming ranch...

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