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Fish Offer Sea Creatures Swim-Thru Cleaning Service

 These bright yellow fish offer sea turtles a swim-thru valet service - congregating to help clean the dirt from their shells. The school of both yellow tangs and yellow-eyed kole tangs group...

Mass Geese Migration Looks Like Giant Snow Blizzard

At first glance it looks like a blizzard - but its in fact a mass migration of over 100,000 birds. Every year in late-winter, snow geese, tundra swans and Canada geese descend...

Baby Aardvark Saved By CPR

A quick thinking zookeeper helped save the life of an adorable newborn aardvark. Female Lotte was not breathing after being born at Poland's Wroclaw Zoo. But Zoo keeper Andrzej Miozga performed CPR on the cub...

Polar Bear Cub Leaves Mother’s Den For First Time

Crowds flocked to Hellabrunn Munich Zoo to catch a glimpse of this tiny girl's first every steps outside - and it is easy to see why! The adorable female polar bear ventured...

WATCH: Preemie Hippo takes first dip back in pool

https://www.facebook.com/theanimaltales/videos/735402679962812/ Fiona - a prematurely born Nile hippo - has taken to the water for a dip after some serious health scares. The adorable calf only weighed 29 pounds when she was born...

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