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Husband Spends 2.5 Hours Trying To Fold Fitted Sheets, Much To Amusement Of Wife

A wife has filmed her hopeless husband’s two and a half hour attempt to fold a set of fitted sheets. The hilarious clip, recored by Tina Cline, shows her husband Michael bemoaning...

Hilarious Dance Clip Shows What Dad And Baby Get Up To While Wife Is...

This hilarious video gives a glimpse into what a dad will do to pass the time when he is left alone at home with his baby. Resourceful dad Aaron Thygesen, from Michigan,...

Twins Caught Red-Handed Devouring Box Of Chocolates Adults Left On Table

  Twins have been caught red handed devouring a huge box of charity chocolates their parents left on a table. Footage shot by mom Mary Beth Barrows, from Pensacola, Florida, shows her adorable...

Hilarious Moment Baby Refuses To Say ‘Mama’ To Mom, Instead Repeating ‘Dada’

   This is the hilarious moment a baby refuses to say ‘mama’ - instead siding with his dad and repeating ‘dada’. The cute kid was filmed by his mum Lauren Hetzel, as she...

Baby Confuses Dad With Twin Brother During First Meeting

  An adorable baby was left baffled after meeting her dad’s identical twin for the first time - and couldn’t tell who her daddy was. Naira Jindal, aged two, travelled with her parents...

Dog V Physics: Adorable Dog Struggles To Fit Stick through Door

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again - and this persistent pooch did just that. Adorable Bixby, a border-collie mix, was spotted trying to fit the oversized stick through...

Hilarious Groom Reveals ‘Baby’ During Garter Removal Toss

 This is the hilarious moment a groom surprised his pregnant bride on their wedding day - by revealing a DOLL from under her wedding dress during the garter removal. Matthew Barlow was...

He may be different, but this cute critter just found a new home!

He may look a little different, but Cletus the Insta famous dog has finally found a new home! The cute critter was found wondering the streets of L.A. all on his own. But...

Hapless Dog Fails Miserably At Crufts – But Couldn’t Be Happier!

Hapless dog fails miserably at Crufts - but couldn't be happier!

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