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Clever Pup Opens 4 Doors So He Can Reunite With His Family

The incredible determination of a dog that escaped from a Virginia animal hospital was caught on camera.

86-Year-Old Man Turns Recycling Into $400k Donation To Kid’s Home

A heroic good samaritan has raised $400,000 for a children's home - by saving up scraps and recycling them. Johnny Jennings, 86, has spent three decades collecting unwanted paper and aluminium to exchange...

Dad Creates App To Help Autistic Daughter Communicate

This loving dad went the extra mile to help his daughter - coding an app to help her communicate feelings. Rob Laffan’s daughter Sadie has nonverbal autism, which makes it hard for...

Couple With Down Syndrome Celebrate 22 Years Together

These two adorable people with Down syndrome have defied all odds. Maryanne and Tommy Pilling have been together for more than two decades, but when they first met, people “doubted they would last”,...

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