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Girl Thinks She Is Engaged After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A hilarious video shows the moment a teen thought she was engaged while still under the effects of anaesthesia. Emily Tanguay can be heard saying “I’m engaged!” after clocking the ring on...

Girl Left In Tears During ‘Happy Birthday’

This is the hilarious moment a toddler turning two buries her head in her hands at the thought of turning another year older. As the iconic birthday song plays in the background,...

Copycat Toddler Sees Mom Do Yoga And Won’t Stop Walking Like Her

This is the hilarious moment a toddler saw his mom doing yoga and then spent the rest of the day walking around in the same position. Christopher Leroy Sayers Jr., aged...

Hilarious Accident Leads To Young Girl’s Tooth Being Pulled Out

A little girl nervous about her cousin dropping a heavy toy attached to her wobbly tooth is comforted by an adult - who accidentally drops the toy yanking the tooth out...

Husband Spends 2.5 Hours Trying To Fold Fitted Sheets, Much To Amusement Of Wife

A wife has filmed her hopeless husband’s two and a half hour attempt to fold a set of fitted sheets. The hilarious clip, recored by Tina Cline, shows her husband Michael bemoaning...

Girl’s Priceless Reaction To Maroon 5 Tickets Is Adorable

  A Maroon 5 super fan breaks down in tears after she is gifted surprise tickets to one of their concerts for her birthday. Caleigh Porch was at first unimpressed when her parents...

What the….! Mom Baffles kids With Vanishing Act

This mom took the what the fluff challenge to its logical conclusion - confusing her kids with her ‘Houdini’ vanishing act. Chelse Brown, 28, fooled her daughter Emily, 4, and son Patton,...

Crazy Duck Doesn’t Like Hooman Swimming In His Lake

A family fall about in hysterics as a boy is chased around a lake by a very territorial duck pecking at his feet. Monica Tindall filmed her son Grant Taylor, 14, as...

Mom Asks Toddler Whose Baby He Is, But His Answer Is Hilarious

Jessica, a hard-working mom to two-year-old Finley, was filming her playtime with him like most moms do. And lovingly, she decided to pose her inquisitive son questions for him to answer. But when...
Girl freaks out on rollercoastervideo

Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Rollercoaster Will Melt Your Heart

This is the moment a four-year-old instantly regrets her decision to go on a “big ride” rollercoaster. Little Lyla had bravely agreed to ride the coaster called Orange Streak at Mall of...

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