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Dad Creates Hilarious 360-Degree Photo Pregnancy Announcement Revealing What Parenting Is Really Like

An imaginative dad has created what could be the first 360-degree photo pregnancy announcement - hilariously demonstrating what parenting is really like. Early dad-of-the-year candidate Sven Van de Perre crafted the genius...

Dog Missing For 11 Days Reunited With Family After Being Rescued From Mineshaft

  A dog missing for eleven days was safely reunited with her owners after heroic firefighters hoisted her from a mine. Echo, a coonhound, had accidentally entered the disused mine system underneath Sodalis...

USAF Sergeant Returns Early To Surprise Whole Family

  A US Air Force Sergeant returned home from deployment a week early - and surprised his family in a series of emotional greetings. Sergeant Josh, 33, had been serving in the Middle...

Dad Creates App To Help Autistic Daughter Communicate

This loving dad went the extra mile to help his daughter - coding an app to help her communicate feelings. Rob Laffan’s daughter Sadie has nonverbal autism, which makes it hard for...

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