Emotional Moment Bike Restoration Is Unveiled

Son Surprises Dad With His Beloved Motorcycle After Secretly Stealing And Restoring It

A son ‘stole’ his father’s beloved motorcycle and secretly fixed it up – before surprising his dad in an emotional moment caught on video.
Woman poses as nurse to surprise best friend

Woman Pretending To Be Nurse Surprises Best Friend In Hospital

A hospitalized woman was surprised by her best friend from out of town after she posed as a nurse.
90-year-old meets 70-year-old daughter for first time

90-Year-Old Stunned As She Meets Her 70-Year-Old Daughter For The Very First Time

This is the emotional moment a 90-year-old was left stunned after coming face to face with her 70-year-old daughter for the very first time.

Game Of Thrones Loving Dad Collapses During Dragon Egg Gender Reveal Upon Discovering He’s...

A Game of Thrones loving dad collapsed during a dragon egg gender reveal upon discovering he's having another boy. Marvin Holden was hoping for a little...

Great-Grandmother, 92, Finally Hugs Only Family Member She’d Not Met Before

This is the emotional moment a great-grandmother finally gets to hug her great-granddaughter for the first time - the only member of the family she had never held.

Girl With Learning Disabilities Becomes Flight Attendant For The Day

This is the moment a flight attendant helped make a disabled girl’s dream come true – by letting her become one of the crew for the day when she became distressed on a long haul flight.
Teens Plane Promposal

Teen Recruits Pilot Dad For Elaborate Promposal

A teenager took to the skies to propose to his prom date – with a giant sign spelled out on the ground below for her to see.
Firefighters paint vet's house

Kind-Hearted Firefighters Surprise Blind WWII Veteran By Painting Home

This blind World War II veteran was left in shock after a group of kind-hearted firefighters arrived at his doorstep one morning to paint and repair his home.

Dad Helps Daughter Fly Kite On Calm Day By Stealthily Using His Leaf Blower

A resourceful dad wouldn’t let the weather prevent his daughter from flying her new kite - so used his leaf blower to create the wind.

Stunned Dad Hilariously Falls Over In Shock While Dancing As Navy Daughter Surprises...

A stunned dad hilariously falls over in shock while dancing as his Navy daughter surprises him by returning home early after two years.

Donor Family And Heart Transplant Recipient Brought To Tears After Hearing Heartbeat During Chance...

A heart transplant recipient and the donor’s family were brought to tears after a chance meeting at a major league baseball game.

Double Pregnancy Reveal Leaves Grandparents Gobsmacked

Two brothers whose wives are due a day apart decided to team up and surprise their parents with a double pregnancy reveal - resulting in hilarious reactions.

Hungry Baby Tries To Breastfeed From Gorilla Statue

-Scroll down to view video- A hungry baby went ape for his next meal - hilariously trying to breastfeed from a GORILLA statue.

Aging Military Dog Gets Hero’s Send-off With Guard Of Honor

-Scroll down to view video- A retired bomb sniffer dog was given an emotional goodbye by veterinary staff and K-9 unit as they formed a guard of honor for him. Robson the German...

Employee Gets Car Stolen – But Then His Coworkers Do Something Truly Amazing For...

When Kea Senegal had his car stolen, he was naturally devastated. With a wife and two children - a four-year-old and a four-month-old - he needed his vehicle to get to work...

Son “Steals” Mom’s Vintage Car, Restores It – Then Surprises Her On Her Birthday

A son “stole” his mom’s vintage car, replaced it with a fake - and then lovingly restored it as a surprise on her birthday. The 1964 Plymouth Valiant Convertible sat gathering dust...

Girl Thinks She Is Engaged After Wisdom Teeth Removal

A hilarious video shows the moment a teen thought she was engaged while still under the effects of anaesthesia. Emily Tanguay can be heard saying “I’m engaged!” after clocking the ring on...

All He Ever Wanted Was A Family… And Then He Got The Call He’d...

This is the heart-warming moment an orphan in Colombia hears the voices of a U.S. family he spent the summer with for the first time in weeks - breaking down as...

Probation Officer Left Speechless As Boyfriend Let Into Court In Shackles… But It’s Not...

This is the hilarious moment a probation officer is left speechless as her boyfriend is led into courtroom in shackles - and admits he is guilty of loving her before proposing. Tiffany...

Huge Bullmastiff Smothers US Soldier With Kisses On Return Home

A giant dog couldn’t contain his excitement when his US soldier ‘brother’ returned home after almost three months - climbing on top of and smothering him with love. Jaxson, an 18-month-old Bullmastiff,...