Incredible Time-Lapse Captures Meteor Explosion Over Europe

Spectacular split-second meteor explosion captured by photographer Arvids Baranovs


A photographer has captured the incredible moment a meteor explodes in the atmosphere above Europe.

The stunning time-lapse video, taken by Arvids Baranovs, shows the meteor streaking across the sky before exploding as it enters Earth’s atmosphere over Latvia.

Arvids filmed the stunning sight with a 30-minute timelapse, with 26” intervals, at midnight between September 25 and 26, 2017.

He was set up in Kemeri National Park and had no idea he was about to capture such a fascinating sight.

He said: “I initially set up for a basic star timelapse over the raised bog in Ķemeri National Park.

“But it turned out to be a lucky once-in-a-lifetime encounter with this astounding phenomenon.”

This large meteor would have originally been an asteroid or comet of a few to several tens of meters in diameter before impacting with Earth’s atmosphere and tearing up.

Arvids added: “This was totally unexpected – blind luck would be an understatement.”


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