Incredible Baby Elephant Rescue From 30ft Well Using Hammock

Volunteers used a giant hammock type contraption to gently lift the stricken elephant out



An elaborate elephant rescue was carried out by anti-poaching volunteers after a baby elephant became trapped in a 30ft deep well.

The young elephant had fallen into the deep, unmarked well in Krishnagiri district, Tamil Nadu, India.

They were alerted to the females plight after hearing her yelps for help.

Springing quickly into action, the group fetched a giant net, which they lowered into the dry farm well.

After some patient work, and with the elephant securely on top of the net, a large group of passersby assisted the team as their hoisted the heavy calf up and out of the well.

The young calf was eventually reunited with her herd, after being released back into the nearby Udedurgam Reserve.