Heart-Warming Moment Deaf Baby Hears Mother’s Voice For First Time

Marlie bursts into smiles and laughter after her new cochlear implant was switched on


This is the adorable moment a previously deaf baby hears the sound of her mother’s voice for the first time.

Born with Type 1 Wardenberg Syndrome – a genetic impairment – little Marlie burst into smiles and laughter after her new cochlear implant was switched on.

The bubbly baby can be seen reacting as her mum Jessica Gray says “hello”.

Marlie with mum Jessica
Marlie with mum Jessica

Jessica, who lives in Dubbo, Australia, said: “This was the first time she ever heard sound.

“They call it the ‘switch on’. We didn’t know what to expect but we were greeted with such a lovely reaction as you can see!”

Jessica and her husband Jack spent six months travelling from their rural community to cities to take Marlie for tests, MRI and CT scans – as well as the cochlear implant operation itself.

The whole family (L to R): Marlie, dad Jack and mum Jessica

The implant is an electronic device surgically placed in the ear which provides a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly deaf.

Marlin received hers aged seven-months, and is now well on her way to learning to hear like any other child.

Jessica said: “We are super lucky Marlie was able to receive the implants and very grateful for all the assistance she is receiving.

“We are told that with Marlie being implanted at such a young age, together with habilitation, she will develop just as every other hearing child.”

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