Getting Closer To God – Church Poised On Top Of 40m High Rock Pillar

It is one of the most remote - and spectacular - churches in the world



This is one way to take your devotion to God to new heights – by worshipping in a church perched on top of a rock pillar.

The remote Georgian Monastry can only be accessed via a rickety and rusting metal ladder that rises up the side of the 40 meter rock, called the Katskhi Pillar.

On top, monk Maxime Qavtaradze, has lived a life of solitude for more than 20 years.

Having worked as a crane operator before becoming ordained in 1993, Maxime has always had a huge head for heights.

Perched onto of the rocky column, Maxime has a small cottage where he resides, as well as a church.

He only ventures down to the bottom once or twice a week – spending the rest of the time in solitude.

Food is winched up to him by devotees who live in a community at the foot of the pillar. The community is made up of largely ‘troubled’ men, who wish to atone for their sins by praying for up to seven hours a day, typically from 2am until dawn.

A drone videographer, Martin Pohanka, filmed these incredible shots showing the isolated and inaccessible nature of the church in December.

The aerial shots show the isolated location up in the hills of central Georgia in the region of Imereti Mkhare.