Dog Watches Over Preemie Pups Recovering In Oxygen Tank

The dog named Brown stood guard over the newborns to make sure they were alright


A heart-warming video shows a dog watching over two premature puppies as they recover in an oxygen tank.

Standing on a blue stool, the small dog named Brown peers into the sealed cylinder, where two chihuahua pups are recovering.

The pair had recently been born to mom Kuma, who was recovering separately.

The puppies’ owner, Pusanisa Disapirom, quickly took out her camera after spotting Brown standing guard over her tiny newborns.

She said: “I felt pure love and kindness when I saw Brown watching over them.

“It isn’t the mom of them, but it took a keen paternal interest in caring for them as they needed the oxygen to cure them.”

Pusanisa has a family of eight dogs, including seven chihuahuas and one cat named Ritchie, who has become the grumpy leader of the tiny dog pack.

The gang have all become close friends, according to Pusanisa.

She explained: “At first my family raised Ritchie the cat, and the chihuahuas separately.

“But about a year ago, I put Ritchie together with the dogs for a group photo and they have become closer ever since.”

Pusanisa, from Bangkok, Thailand, who has now taken the puppies back home after they recovered, added: “The newborns have brought joy to my life.

“When I come home exhausted from work or study, they just make me feel happy and refreshed.”