Dog V Physics: Adorable Dog Struggles To Fit Stick through Door

Bixby, a border-collie mix, proves if at first you don't succeed keep trying!


If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again – and this persistent pooch did just that.

Adorable Bixby, a border-collie mix, was spotted trying to fit the oversized stick through a sun porch but was repeatedly thwarted in her attempts.

Gripping the wooden stick between her jaws, she bounds over to show her master, Mike Minick and his friend David Myers her find.

She immediately trees to walk through the door, only to be brought to a sudden halt by the narrow door frame.

Unperturbed she attempts again – and again.

But after a few unsuccessful attempts, the border collie mix walks through the doorway and attempts to pull it through – snapping it into two and bounding into the room overjoyed at her success.

David, from Austin, Texas, United States, who filmed the hilarious clip, said: “Bixby was quick to locate an oversized stick with which to play fetch.

“After her first comical attempt to enter my sun porch with the giant stick, she kept trying to fit it through the doorway – much to our amusement.

“She is known for her love of this game, and one of our slogans for her is, “Dreams are like sticks; you just have to chase them.”