Dad Creates App To Help Autistic Daughter Communicate

Dedicated dad Rob crafted a revolutionary app to solve the communication problem


This loving dad went the extra mile to help his daughter – coding an app to help her communicate feelings.

Rob Laffan’s daughter Sadie has nonverbal autism, which makes it hard for her to tell her parents what she wants or feels.

But dedicated dad Rob crafted a revolutionary app to solve the problem.

Tippy Talk now allows Sadie to say what she wants, feels or needs – transforming her life.


The incredible story has touched the hearts of netizens.

Rob’s app works by presenting Sadie with a photo of her mother and father.

Once she selects which one she would like to communicate with, she sees dozens of images that match with a feeling or question.

After she selects the image, the statement is then translated into a worded text message that is sent to the parent’s phone.


Rob said: “Being able to understand my girl’s exact desire, needs, and feeling has brought me closer to really understanding and loving her little personality.

“Now it’s just a case of giving the same joy to other parents like me.”

Rob’s invention has led him to be crowned College Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 and awarded $11,000 at the Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards two years ago.

But the even bigger reward is his closer bond with his daughter!