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Overseas Gender Reveal
Senior Airman Nicholson Pennant was deployed last-minute to the Middle East during his wife's pregnancy, so she threw him a surprise gender reveal party at his overseas base.
Bedroom Makeover
This is the heartwarming moment a boy suffering from cancer was brought to tears when he was presented with a surprise new bedroom.
Ninja mom
This mom displayed some ninja-like moves to sneak out of her son’s bedroom without waking him - only for him to rise five minutes later.
Softball reunion
A military dad who missed his two adopted daughters’ maiden softball season returned from deployment to see their end of season game – and surprise them at the home plate.
Photobomb foreign promposal
A doting former exchange student gave an American high school senior a promposal she’ll never forget, traveling 4,500 miles across the globe to photobomb her prom photo with friends.
First ever basket for wheelchair bound boy
A boy with cerebral palsy was able to make his dream of scoring a basket come true, thanks to his friends and teachers lifting him out of his wheelchair and up toward the net.
Hair dye gender reveal
A pregnant woman had her hair dyed pink or blue while blindfolded for a double gender reveal surprise.
School mascot
A soldier returned home early and surprised his six kids at school by dressing up as the mascot.
A creative girl surprised her color blind boyfriend with EnChroma glasses to ‘prompose’ to him using a color perception test poster board.
Scared of heights gender reveal
A father-to-be who is scared of heights discovered the sex of his baby through his first ever skydive.