Backyard Turns Into Natural Bouncy Castle In Bizarre Video

The bouncy backyard was caused by a poorly filled in swimming pool



An astonished homeowner discovered their backyard had become a natural bouncy castle after a downpour.

Alison Parrish, from Georgia, USA, can be seen jumping up and down as the ground moves under her feet.

The bizarre movement is thought to have been caused by a poorly filled swimming pool, collecting water and creating the fun – but unwanted – landscape.

Alison said: “The backyard is basically a waterbed. 

“Our new landscapers pointed it out and said it was likely due to bad filling in of the pool.

“We started filming it because we thought other people might enjoy witnessing it.”

Moving like a waterbed when Alison walks on it, it ripples as she leaps and bounds across it.

Some areas appear to be more springy than others.

It is thought that water had become trapped under the dried out surface and inside the impermeable swimming pool base below.

It affected an area of around 5-10 meters squared.