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Service dog has priceless reaction to meeting Disney’s Pluto

Service dog has priceless reaction to meeting Disney's Pluto

Baby aardvark saved by CPR

A quick thinking zookeeper helped save the life of an adorable newborn aardvark. Female Lotte was not breathing after being born at Poland's Wroclaw Zoo. But Zoo keeper Andrzej Miozga performed CPR on the cub...

Polar bear cub leaves mother’s den for first time (Cuteness overload!)

Crowds flocked to Hellabrunn Munich Zoo to catch a glimpse of this tiny girl's first every steps outside - and it is easy to see why! The adorable female polar bear ventured...

Adorable antelope being hand-reared

Meet Thanos - the adorable orphaned Dik-dik - a species of antelope - who is being hand-reared after his mother sadly died shortly after his birth. Despite the sad start to life for...

WATCH: Preemie Hippo takes first dip back in pool

https://www.facebook.com/theanimaltales/videos/735402679962812/ Fiona - a prematurely born Nile hippo - has taken to the water for a dip after some serious health scares. The adorable calf only weighed 29 pounds when she was born...

He may be different, but this cute critter just found a new home!

He may look a little different, but Cletus the Insta famous dog has finally found a new home! https://www.instagram.com/p/BQEcU0lDcWg/ The cute critter was found wondering the streets of L.A. all on his own. But...

Cats and dogs are BFFs

We're all different on the outside in a good way - but when we get together with our BFFs we know we belong together. That is certainly the case for these cats...

Watch this heart-melting footage of baby orangutan rescued from certain death

This cute orangutan was rescued by kind-hearted volunteers - after being left for dead in cardboard box. Adorable Gito was found lying lifeless in a urine-soaked cardboard box in Borneo. When charity International...

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