Chimpanzee 'kisses' human

Check out the heart-warming moment an affectionate chimpanzee puckers up to a boy through a zoo window! Read more about the interaction here:

Posted by Animal Tales on Sunday, April 16, 2017

Little Nolan Moore appears to have made a friend for life – as this affectionate chimpanzee puckers up to him through a zoo window.

The incredible encounter happened in the great ape enclosure of Bio Parco in Rome, Italy.

Nolan’s mom Angela Tomarelli was filming her son trying to play peek-a-boo with the chimp.

But after paying no attention to the game, Nolan tried to spark interaction by blowing the chimpanzee a kiss through the glass.

Each time Nolan plants a kiss on the window, the loving chimpanzee returns the favour as Angela tells him the chimpanzee thinks she is her boyfriend now.

Mom Angela, originally from Canada, said: “I was so happy to catch this moment and be able to treasure it forever – it was clearly love at first sight.

“We sat next to the chimp enclosure for a long time and this one immediately seemed fascinated with Nolan.

“Nolan started to play games, touching each other’s hands through the glass and copying one another, she seemed eager to play.

“Eventually it was her that made the first kiss face and Nolan kissed her back.

“At one point, she got up and wandered off and we thought she was gone, but she just gathered more snacks and came back to the same spot to eat with us.”

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