Doll teaches girl to love herself

Her doll has the same birthmark as her and it's teaching her to love herself!Click here to read the full story: https://happily.life/2017/02/28/her-doll-has-the-same-birthmark-as-her-and-its-teaching-her-to-love-herself/

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Adorable adoptee Corina is learning to love herself thanks to a lookalike doll with a matching birth mark.

The 6-year-old has Sturge Weber Syndrome (SWS) a rare condition resulting in facial and bodily birthmarks.

She was given up for adoption before she was 9-months-old because of the condition.

But 3 years later she found a new family, adopted by Kirsten and Kent Murdoch and started her new life in Cedar City, UT.

Corina would cover her face whenever she was stared at and even asked her parents if she was ‘beautiful’.

But last month she was given a handmade doll from A Doll Like Me with a matching port wine stain to help her understand her condition.

Now Corina is learning to love her birthmark thanks to dolly Kukala who she treats like a sister.

Mum-of-four Kirsten told Right This Minute: “Corina has birthmarks on one side of her face, one under her hair and the back of her neck and her entire right leg too.

“For the first couple of years she never asked about them, but later she started looking at the one on her face in the mirror and asking us if she was beautiful.

“We explained that it’s no different to mommy’s freckles and that everyone being different makes the world so beautiful but we noticed an emotional difference in her.

“She looks at the doll’s birthmarks quite often, it’s like she’s processing what she couldn’t before.

“She used to ask ‘why her face was red’ almost daily, but now we think she doesn’t feel as alone, as she sees someone else with the birthmark too.

“Corina plays with her hair, paints her nails, sings to her and regularly tells Kukala that she loves her.

“We hope it’s helping her to love her birthmark and realise that it makes her beautiful just like her doll.”

After realising Corina was starting to feel self-conscious about her birthmarks, Kirsten contacted ‘A Doll Like Me’, a service creating dolls identical to children born with differences.

Kirsten added: “We’re seeing the therapeutic effects of how much it means to have a doll that looks just like her and is starting to feel like she’s no different from everybody else.

“Before we struggled to find something like her, because a lot of doll manufacturers consider birthmarks as not being ‘pretty’ but for us it’s one of the things we love most about her.”

A Doll Like Me was started by a former social worker two years ago, as a way of helping children to love their differences by seeing a figure that mirrors their appearance.

For more info visit www.adolllikeme.com

We think Corina is beautiful and should embrace her birth marks! Let us know you agree in the comments below!


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