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JUST DANCE! Social media star with progeria battles aging condition by singing and dancing.Click to read the full story:

Posted by Happily on Monday, February 27, 2017

Kaylee Halko is far from an average teenager.

The brave 13-year-old suffers from progeria – the premature aging condition.

But Kaylee, from Toledo, OH, refuses to slow down and has turned to hip-hop dancing to stave off stiff joints.

The 3ft5 teen has been performing 4 times a week since she was aged 6 to loosen up her joints.

Happy b-day to the best dance teacher out there😍❤️#yaasqueen #beyonce

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Kaylee is also a social media star with over 4 million followers on where users lip-sync 30 second videos to popular songs.

Now she has fans around the world, some even travel to meet her in person!

Her mum Marla told the Daily Mail: “Progeria is a rapid aging disease.

“It means she develops problems an elderly person might have like heart disease and arthritis.

“By the time she was two, she had completely lost her hair and started to develop arthritis.

“But the arthritis in her wrists and knees isn’t too bad, which doctors believe is because of her dancing.

“Hip hop is her best dance, she’s very good at it. I think it’s all the sass in her, she’s very sassy when she performs and absolutely loves it.

“After performing at dance shows she has fans waiting to meet her afterwards, they all know her from and want to take pictures with her.”

Kaylee was diagnosed aged one after tests to discover why she was struggling to gain weight revealed she had progeria.

People with the condition typically only live until their teens due to heart problems making them more susceptible to heart attack or stroke.

She is currently on a drug trial from the Progeria Research Foundation and doctors are taking biopsies of her skin cells and blood tests for research.

Experts hope it will extend her life for several years and help continue to provide her with a normal childhood.

Mum Marla continued: “We never think about her having a shortened life span, anyone could die at any point so we don’t dwell on that.

“She is so full of life we can’t ruin that with negative thoughts, so we focus on the positives.

“When Kaylee found out about the life expectancy for progeria she was very brave and told me: ‘Even if I live until 12 that’s a long time.'”

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