Mr Reagan and Little Buddy

Adorable Mr Reagan the labradoodle and Little Buddy will melt your heart!Click to read the full story behind their unbreakable bond:

Posted by Happily on Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Check out Mr Reagan and his human ‘best friend’ Little Buddy!

The pair are owning it on Instagram with almost 200,000 people watching their latest adventures together.

Mr Reagan is an Australian Labradoodle living in Portland, OR, with Sandi Swiridoff who is foster grandmom to Buddy.

To protect the little boy’s privacy, Sandi gets creative finding ways to showcase their bond without revealing the tot’s identity.

Not only are they the cutest – they are also on a mission to raise money for other foster families by creating books and calendars.

Sandi adopted Reagan when he was 8-weeks-old after their daughter had to give up her first two foster children.

And when Buddy arrived the duo hit things off and have been BFFs ever since. They are even the same age!

Reagan even sits right outside Buddy’s room while he naps waiting for him to wake up so they can play again.

They love dressing up.

They love to party.

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They love to explore.

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And they definitely love the camera.

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But not as much as they love each other.

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Mr Reagan, Little Buddy, Sandy and all the family raise money for Foster Parents Night Out.

The @Reagandoodle calendar is available from

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h/t Daily Mail


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