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February 25, 2018
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Cat's and dog's never usually get along - but this duo have struck up an unlikely friendship.
https://www.facebook.com/theanimaltales/videos/767667016736378/ Little Nolan Moore appears to have made a friend for life - as this affectionate chimpanzee puckers up to him through a zoo window. The incredible encounter happened in the great ape enclosure of Bio Parco in Rome, Italy. Nolan's mom Angela Tomarelli was filming her son trying to play peek-a-boo with the chimp. But after paying no attention to the game,...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hEOzJDt8Do The good people over at Animal Aid India have been spreading their good charm - this time showcasing the story of a dog who has walked for the first time since a horrific accident. They received a call from worried passersby, who reported the dog had been struck by a car. With the pooch dragging his back legs along and unable...
The incredible determination of a dog that escaped from a Virginia animal hospital was caught on camera.
https://www.facebook.com/theanimaltales/videos/755227244647022/ We are in LOVE with this awesome dog called Rowdy. Recent medical tests show the adorable pup suffers from a skin condition called vitiligo! Because of his unique look the pooch, aged 14, is a representative for kids with vitiligo by the American Vitiligo Research Foundation. In this heart-warming clip Rowdy meets 8-year-old Carter Blanchard for the first time. Carter lives in Arkansas...
Hapless dog fails miserably at Crufts - but couldn't be happier!
Small kittens make huge difference to elderly and prevent loneliness
Cute quokka selfie captured in pictures in Australia
A quick thinking zookeeper helped save the life of an adorable newborn aardvark. Female Lotte was not breathing after being born at Poland's Wroclaw Zoo. But Zoo keeper Andrzej Miozga performed CPR on the cub for nearly an hour - and amazingly the cub survived. Sadly, due to the traumatic birth, Lotte's mom rejected her. But despite here near death experience, Lotte is doing just...
Crowds flocked to Hellabrunn Munich Zoo to catch a glimpse of this tiny girl's first every steps outside - and it is easy to see why! The adorable female polar bear ventured out from her mothering den for the very first time last week, having spent three months snuggling with her mom. Still somewhat unsteady on her feet, she ventured out...

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